PINK Hoof Clay by Ecohoof

As many of you know a change in Oscar’s lifestyle led me to explore the benefits of going barefoot. Once I had committed to the change I felt I had been given a new pair of eyes when looking and thinking about equine hoof care. 

The months before the metal came off I prepped and polished like never before. Learning day by day with a heightened awareness of the products I choose to use, their ingredients and the effect they have on our equines.

Naturally this meant love at first sight for Gee Gee and Me and Ecohoof’s Pink Hoof Clay in May’s ‘Go Green’ My Horse Box. The exciting collaboration saw the release of a 250ml Limited Edition tub of the magical Pink Hoof Clay.

The clay can be painted onto the hoof, sole, white line area and frog acting as a barrier to infection and once dry acts as a poultice staying in place for 12 hours, before naturally flaking off and degrading into the ground. 100% natural, eco-friendly and full of essential oils, it smells good enough to eat – but please don’t – and gives hooves a pretty pink glow. I have been generously packing it onto Oscar’s frogs and they look healthier than ever and both his shod and bare foot hooves are thriving on it. 

However it became most useful a couple of weeks ago when Oscar ripped a front shoe, taking half of his hoof with it! I had a lesson booked that evening and was almost tempted to remove the other and begin the rehabilitation of his fronts against my plans of waiting for Autumn. After another coffee, I began to think rationally and decided to pack the crater with the Pink Hoof Clay. I have continued to do this, even once the shoe has been reapplied and thankfully although not a lot of hoof is left on one side, the shoe has stayed put and the damage hasn't spread.

One of my all time favourites from My Horse Box – thank you for discovering it.
If you missed out on May’s Go Green you can purchase a 500ml tub here.

Jessica and Oscar.


Why I Love Layer One - Stierna Equestrian Sportswear

This week I waved goodbye to the tropical temperatures of our recent heatwave and welcomed back the wet British Summers that we are accustomed to. Reminding me of the importance of wearing quality equestrian sportswear. As Stierna advocate; everyday is a good riding day and once we've done it, we're always happier for it. well, almost always.

Stierna Equestrian Sportswear are a Swedish brand, established in 2015. The brand gets its energy from a strong idea, to develop technical equestrian clothes with high functionality for active riders, enabling them to perform optimally regardless of the weather.

After being fortunate enough to meet Stierna's passionate founder Robert Kos at Badminton Horse Trials earlier in the year, I was asked to share my thoughts on a Halo top from their unique three layer system. As soon as it touched my skin, it felt different. Stierna's 'idea' for providing apparel that allows riders to solely focus on the interaction with their horse feels like more like an obsession.

The Halo tops are the foundation of Stierna's system. They are designed to be a functional base layer, worn alone or in a two or three layer system - weather dependent - and in direct contact with the skin. The intelligent fabric is 30% bamboo charcoal that has both a chemical free anti-odour effect and a natural coolness to help regulate the body temperate. The clever properties also spread moisture across the fabric surface for a rapid evaporation or to pass onto the next layer, meaning no chills when the wind blows immediately after dismounting. Brrrr...

I found the Halo 1/2 Zip top a dream to wear. Incredibly soft, the asymmetrical cut of the fabric moved with me as I rode. The design is stylish and understated and is the perfect base layer, be it for hacking and schooling in Dark Navy, going cross country in Lovely Lilac or competing in Snow White under a smart show jacket, the high collar with a short zipper is the perfect base for a stock tie. 

Izzy Taylor, British Eventing's number one female rider expertly explains why she loves Stierna Equestrian Sportwear in the video below. Although it may sound silly to some, I smiled and whole heartedly agreed with Izzy's comments of finding comfort in wearing sleeves when riding, especially when away from home or competing. 

Layer one is only the start of Stierna's story...layer two is a necessity once the temperature drops because it is designed to trap warm air and keep the body heat in cold conditions. The technology allows heat to be evaporated ensuring you remain comfortable, warm, dry and in harmony with your horse.

Layer three provides protection against the wind, rain and cold whilst releasing excess heat and moisture through the active ventilation openings and stretch panels built into the garments. A true shield against the elements, allowing you to perform at your best in all conditions.

The following technology is built into Stierna clothing:
  • Equtex - a fabric based on a membrane technology, used in Stierna's high performance garments, allowing the outer fabrics to be waterproof whilst maintaining high levels of breath ability.
  • 3M Thinsulate - an efficient insulator with a very high warmth-to-thickness ratio enabling Stierna's garments to be designed with less bulk and thus enhance freedom of movement
  • Cool Anti-Odour - a TM of Stierna their bamboo charcoal fabric gives UV protection up the UPF +30 and comes with natural coolness and soft touch to keep riders dry and comfortable at all times.
  • Air Drizz Softshell - apart from loving it's name, 'air-drizz' softshell is a high technology membrane with breath ability, waterproof properties and four way stretch. 
Available to purchase in the U.K. from Royal Berkshire Country and Equine - £49

They say, you had me at hello...
Well Robert Kos had me at the words of British fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood...

"Buy less
Choose well
Make it last"

Jessica and Oscar.


My Favourite Summer Breeches by LaValencio

Like most, if not all of us life is busy. My horse is at a livery yard which means I don't bother with outfit changes. Once I am up, dressed and out of the house that is it for my days spent away from the office, wearing my breeches and as much as I hate to admit it, sensible footwear. Funny looks as I dart through town and around the supermarket dressed this way have become the norm.

My current favourite pair of are by La Valencio. A brand renowned for the comfort and wear-ability of their breeches and we are lucky to have Equissentials Dressage a number one stockist in the U.K. With each fresh season I look forward to their new collection. Year after year adding to my wardrobe.

The Spring/Summer Guardian Denim Breeches are perfect for Summer riding (and errand running), the denim is soft, thin and flexible with super sticky knee patches for security and a smooth, elasticated ankle to reduce any bulk under close fitting boots. Not only are the Guardian Denim Breeches amazingly comfy to wear, they also look great. A gorgeous shade of denim blue, high waisted (I have to wear a belt), four pockets and a glittery LV logo on the bottom. During the recent heatwave they've been perfection to ride in because a full seat can just be too thick in hot weather.

Purchased from Equissentials Dressage for £80 they are currently offering a 15% discount, £68 making me want to buy another pair all over here.

Jessica and Oscar


LeMieux Comfort Fly Shield Review

Oscar was wearing his fly mask in April, he is sensitive to all insects, bugs and critters, both big and small and even when the sun is only peeking through the clouds his eyes will water in irritation. Yes, the joke can my hardy native be so soft and sensitive? Because of this I was overjoyed that as an Official LeMieux Blogger for Horse Health Gee Gee and Me were asked to review their Comfort Fly Shield.

As with all LeMieux products, they have designed their range of Comfort Fly Shield's with the horse in mind, 'comfort' being their top priority and we have come to expect no less from the trusted brand.

The Comfort Fly Shield is constructed using a protective UV mess and lined with soft strips of black merino lambswool across the brow and nose to avoid rubs and wick away moisture on super hot days. The lambswool also doubles up as a benefit by providing a good stand off from the face. Teamed with the strong, structured mesh designed not to cave in it gives me total confidence the shield will stay in place. This is complimented by an elasticated velcro chin strap that allows the horse freedom of movement to chew and graze. The lightweight and breathable grey fabric also has a stretch to it and feels like it should wash well.

 "I am happy to add that I am yet to find it 
discarded in the field by Houdini himself"

Chosen for Oscar was the Comfort Fly Shield with breathable and midge-proof ears and a nose shield - which you can opt to have without - these features are especially useful to protect sensitive or pink skinned horses against sunburn.
Oscar wears a medium size and is available from Horse Health for £19.96

Jessica & Oscar


Lucy Reynolds - Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Oscar has always been looked over by a qualified massage therapist three to four times a year with very few areas of concern. After the diagnosis of arthritic changes in Oscar's right fore pastern last year I knew that equine massage was an area of treatment I wanted to build into our healthcare routine because I had real concerns he might be over loading his other limbs, especially his right fore shoulder to compensate for the weakness. I knew a professional would be able to feel any tension, knots or soreness and intervene before they became a bigger problem.

I was then faced with the challenge of time...I work 9-5, which is realistically 8-6 making my current arrangements difficult to squeeze in more regular treatments which were during the day. This is how I met Lucy Reynolds, a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist based in Leicestershire. Lucy instantly offered evening visits and we arranged our first for a dark, cold Winters evening, early 2017.

Lucy's initial consultation requires permission for your vet and Lucy will ask for their contact details - then do the leg work for you - this is common practice and you should only ever be alarmed if an equine therapist doesn't ask this. Once obtained a date can be put in the diary, Gee Gee and Me's initial consultation lasted two hours and cost £35:

  • Discussing the horses history and any presenting goodness, if there is something horse owners love doing, it's talking about their gee-gee's. Lucy has no doubt heard it all and I probably rambled on about an event two weeks ago on Thursday, the wind blew, his back tightened, then a pigeon flew out and he didn't feel quite right or that he spooked and slipped on a hack last month...can you tell me, did it pull a muscle? Yet throughout our discussion Lucy was compassionate. Actively listening to my neurotic concerns about my sound horse who has slight arthritic changes because he is simply, getting older.
  • Conformation check..."yes, he is by Glencarrig Prince're looking at perfection"
  • Gait analysis...when discussing Lucy's observations she proved she had a sharp eye, even in the dark of a Winters evening - it is useful to have a flat clear area, both on hard and soft surfaces for this part.
  • Saddle fit this point Lucy will honestly say she is not a qualified saddle fitter, yet likes to see it both on and off the horse, girthed up too and even assessed the underside of one of my most used saddle pads. The questions she poised that I was unable to answer I noted ready for my saddle fitting back in March. I am impressed to say her instincts were proven right, she modestly nodded accepting the feedback when I explained my visit to her. 
  • Foot and farriery observations...twelve months ago this would have taken two minutes, yes he is shod every six weeks, seldom looses a shoe, I pick them out and paint question? Fast forward and Lucy might have regretted having this one on the list because shortly after Lucy's first visit Oscar had gone bare behind. Lucy - keeping her own horses barefoot - was a breath of fresh air, throughout the transition, even today I feel trapped between two worlds. Lucy is open minded to both shod and unshod horses and doing what is right for both horse and rider. The conversation we had and continue to have really helps to stabilise my thoughts.
  • Lucy can also asked to see the horse ridden or lunged.

Following this thorough assessment Lucy performs a full body sports massage where soft tissue is manipulated to relieve muscular pain and assist in the prevention of future muscle injuries. The special techniques used are aimed at increasing flexibility and range of movement and Oscar certainly enjoys the whole experience, licking, chewing, yawning and lowering his head throughout. 

The skin deep benefits of Lucy's techniques are clear to see, improved muscle tone and skin texture, a supple horse who uses his muscles at maximum efficiency. The internal benefits being too long to list Lucy's website does an excellent job of this, click here.

Lucy has an expert understanding of equine anatomy and the interaction of bones, joints and muscles. This was the basis of her ICAT Diploma (Institute of Complimentary Animal Therapies). Qualified to BHS Stage 3, Lucy is currently studying towards Stage 4 and is passionate about her self development.

A follow up appointment is £30 and last approximately one hour, Lucy remembered Oscar, and I felt valued as we discussed the case notes from our previous session. Lucy likes to understand your horses lifestyle, your discipline, whether you do it for fun or competitively and tailors her follow up treatment accordingly. Always finishing with stretches and aftercare exercises that are recommended after exercise when your horse is warmed up to work on in-between visits - Oscar's favourite part because Lucy always has mints. Piglet.

To book your appointment with Lucy, contact her via her Facebook Page - Lucy Reynolds - Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Jessica & Oscar



Was LeMieux Corn Blue Made For Gee Gee & Me?

Gee Gee and Me make no secret that we love LeMieux and as Official Bloggers were given the honour of modelling the gorgeous Corn Blue LeMieux ProSport Suede Dressage Square and matching Luxury Polo Bandages from their new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.

Corn Blue needs no introduction, 
the 'IT'colour 
of Spring/Summer 2017

Gee Gee and Me own *blushes* eight LeMieux ProSport Suede Dressage Squares (and the number of Luxury Polo Bandages...I'd rather not count), the quality, design and attention to detail teamed with a stylish colour range and affordability make LeMieux my number one for matchy dressage wear.

Want to know why I love them so much? Read here.
Want Corn Blue...? Thought so, click here.

Jessica and Oscar


My Horse Box Goes Fluorescent Green with The Husk

Road work is inevitable for many equestrians – I included – in accessing the freedom of our bridleways. A huge advocate of being safe and seen, I seldom hack out without hi-viz.

Yet the only hi-viz equine wear Gee Gee and Me have are a tatty old pair of brushing boots with reflective yellow straps. The honest answer to why I don’t own more is comfort. When hacking out I want the flexibility to walk, trot and canter over varying terrain, without the risk of florescent leg bands slipping or a reflective breastplate rubbing.

A common design fault by many companies is the assumption there is only one type of ‘happy hacker’ and The Husk’s Breathe High Viz Tail Bandage included in May’s ‘Go Green’ My Horse Box bucks this trend.

Firstly it is quick and uncomplicated to put on, sliding easily under the tail and securing shut with Velcro. The technology behind The Husk’s renowned fabric allows full air flow meaning no itchy, sweaty tails underneath. As I have come to expect from The Husk the Tail Bandage is feather light and hygienic, simply hose or machine wash and it will dry within minutes ready for the next adventure.

Although small, it is mighty in its design and even on my grey stands out loud and proud when hacking out, if all equine high-visibility was designed like The Husk’s Breathe Tail Bandage with the horse at its heart I am certain we’d wear more!

Thank you My Horse Box, you can buy yours here for £ safe, be comfortable and be seen.

Jessica & Oscar


My Never Ending Love Story with Celeris UK

Back in August a fellow equestrian invited me on a road trip to Cobham - or Hamcob as I could only remember it as - to join her voyage for beautiful boots. Being one of those invitations you simply can't decline, no sooner had I accepted I found myself online reserving a fitting with Cate the CEO of Celeris UK - when in Rome. I made a promise to myself I would follow my head and not my heart, easier said than done.

Stepping into the serene studio, I was greeted by a warm welcome and found myself surrounded by beautiful boots, belts and browbands, all hand selected by Cate's stylish eye. With a cup of something lovely waiting, the 115 mile journey long forgotten.

The studio has a fitting suite where Cate carefully takes twelve - yes twelve - measurements from the tip of your toes to the back of your knee, discussing your preference for fit and equestrian discipline. A thorough process I can liken to having a spray tan, when they ask you to stand in various positions to ensure perfection.

Chin up, eyes ahead!

Then on to choosing a boot, a leather - from the mere 48 swatches and growing - a colour, a finish, a popper, a seam, a toe...there is no limit and if it isn't available, Cate will make it her mission to source. Celeris really are makers of truly bespoke boots. The Miss Sensible in my head told me to choose a black dressage boot, whilst my heart wanted the latest Limited Edition leather...Black Cherry. My head won, only because my family were paying the deposit for my birthday and I felt a duty of care to choose a timeless classic. Black Passage boots in brushed black leather were the perfect match to my brief.

I ordered at a hugely busy time for Celeris, a sign of their bounding success meant my boots took the full wait time to arrive. Celeris reacted to this surge as quickly as is possible in such a bespoke business in-which master tradesmen are not born overnight and through hard work have not only cleared their wait-list but reduced the production period to between 8-10 weeks. As Cate, a true expert in the made to measure boot industry put it; "if your only concern is the wait time, what a great place to be".

Once I placed my foot into the elegant Passage boot made to my every measurement and perfect in every way, I understood. I would now echo Cate's comment to anyone if they ever felt this a concern.

My Passage boots are a work of art, the rigid outer structure lengthens my leg, whilst the inner panels of nubuck ensure a squeak free ride. The design of the boot benefits my position and my stirrup leathers have been dropped a hole, they give me the most amazing close contact feel, all whilst appearing timelessly elegant. They were and still are a bit of a wriggle to get into, the cost of my poor conformation, having teeny tiny ankles and bony feet. Yet once on they fit like a second skin, there is no question they are made to measure and although they took zero working in for riding, I still struggle not to walk like a toy solider on foot to the mounting block. Yet this is more for my desire to keep them clean than discomfort. name is Jessica and I am addicted to Celeris boots

The Limited Edition Black Cherry leather recently became reality too, because of paying the deposit upon ordering and the final balance once they've arrived, the whole process I'd put off since my discovery if Celeris in 2014 for fear of lusting after the impossible was suddenly affordable when done this way. Celeris had my measurements, all it took was an e-mail to Cate and my order was whisked across to the team of dedicated craftsmen in Portugal. Within no time at all I was the proud owner of a pair of Diogo boots, made from buttery softer leather, these offer me a more hard-working, everyday boot I will not obsess over keeping immaculate - of course I will.

To me Celeris UK means attention to detail, perfectionism, ancient skill and craftsmanship. Cate and her Personal Assistant Iona are both riders and wearers of Celeris boots, their knowledge is invaluable when discussing your equestrian lifestyle and matching it to the right boot because the idea you walk in with, may not be the one you leave with. This is exactly how I have ended up with two pairs...and a wishlist of others. Thankfully client loyalty is hugely important to the brand and I am sure my Celeris love story will be never ending...

Jessica and Oscar.


Keeping Up With The Unicorns with My Horse Box - Why You Need A Pinny by Supreme Products

My Horse Box arrived prior to an evening of washing, trimming, pulling and plaiting so what better time to try and test the Supreme Products Grooming Apron?

When I first wrapped it around my waist it made me feel like a pro, the Mary Berry of the grooming that would make me super groom Alan Davies?? I am sure I am not alone when I say I often feel like I am doing step aerobics when plaiting up before an event, constantly up and down from my grooming box, the Supreme Products Grooming Apron eliminates this.

With three Mary Poppins style pockets, it is hugely practical and comfortable to wear. A smart and professional design I would happily take and wear when grooming for friends at competitions to make all of our lives easier, and when it gets grubby simply throw in the wash. I love it.

And if you missed out on April's My Horse Box you can purchase here, direct from Supreme Products for £14.99.

I also discovered Supreme Products have a must have mobile app, simply type 'Supreme Products' into your Apple app or Android play store and download it for free. Packed with useful how to guides, product information and how to get that look for your horse or will as Supreme Products do, revolutionise your turn-out.

Jessica and Oscar.


LeMieux Vogue Headcollar Review

Oscar's headcollar is over four years old, a little worn but still does the job. As for lead ropes a few of those have been snapped mid spook, so a little newer and certainly doesn't match! I would definitely be of the opinion "if it ain't broke, don't fit it"...with the exception of saddle pads and bandages, of course!

Well this was until I opened my Official Bloggers parcel from LeMieux and found a piece of Corn Blue perfection staring back at me...

The joy an £18.95 Vogue Fleece Headcollar by LeMieux has bought is unbelievable! Apart from being gorgeous and clean it's designed practically, featuring a padded fleece headpiece, inner cheeks and noseband. Nickle buckles are helpfully on each side to get the perfect fit with a matching leadrope.

The design is available in numerous colours and tartan patterns making it the perfect present and I can't think of a more luxurious gift to your horsey friend than this beautiful LeMieux Vogue Headcollar.

Jessica & Oscar


Keeping Up With The Unicorns - The Ultimate Groomer by Lincoln

For Winter Oscar is always fully clipped - with the exception of this saddle patch and legs - however 2016 was different. With regular visits to the vet through September to February, I couldn't bring myself to do it, although returning to full soundness and in work, what if I tempted fate by doing so...a horse grows a Winter coat for a reason...?

Eventually I had to clip because Oscar was getting too warm and not wanting to get ahead of myself I opted for a chaser clip. Armed with baler twine and chalk, my OCD at its most heightened with a desire for straight lines and a mirror image I was happy with my halfway house.

Until now...I have white hair EVERYWHERE!

Rugs, saddle pads, me...because of this when shopping for essentials (feed, treats, mane and tail conditioner), I stumbled across The Ultimate Groomer by Lincoln and I love it! Shaped like a window cleaner, its easy to hold and use, with a comb of fine metal teeth to remove dirt, undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the coat leaving it soft and silky. The most satisfying grooming tool I currently have in my KIT, used daily and Oscar adores it, his little nose curls with happiness.

A gold star from Gee Gee and Me - purchased from R&R Country for £12.75.

Jessica and Oscar.


Kingsland Chisasib Leggings Review

I love Kingsland Equestrian above all other rider-wear, the high end brand can be relied upon to be smart, well fitting and functionally designed with real riders in mind, and in recent years have convincingly proven that Kingsland it isn't just for show jumpers!

When I saw Kingsland Equestrian had launched a range of riding tights I put my name down on the wait list at Equissentials Dressage. With numerous designs available I trusted the stylish founders, Hayley and Nic to choose the right line. Deciding to stock the Chisasib Leggings, a riding tight with a full grip seat. This is the exact reason Equissentials Dressage are my go to company, if they don't advocate it, they don't stock it.

When the parcel arrived I laughed...they were teeeny tiny, however I know my size in Kingsland and I also trust Equissentials Dressage would have advised if I should have ordered up a size. Thankfully the laughing was replaced by a big smile, they expanded as I comfortably slipped in my leg into the stretchy material.

True to Kingsland the fit is incredible, they don't slip down and have a thick, high waistband to ensure a flattering fit. I have ridden in them constantly, they're super grippy making my no stirrup work a breeze, plus they're breathable and quick drying and the sleek, shiny Spandex in the material means dirt and loose horse hair doesn't stick to them.

As always my only reservation with Kingsland is the washing instructions because they're never simple. A little scared of my Chisasib Leggings shrinking I wanted to thoroughly test this before writing my review. As per the instructions I washed on a 30 without fabric conditioner and a quick spin afterwards, breathing a huge sigh of relief when they were still a perfect fit!

Most of the Kingsland Collections are limited edition and I love this seasons black and blue Charlotte Dujardin range...I would happily swap my whole equestrian wardrobe for this beautiful collage created by fellow equine blogger Going Dutch Dressage for Equissentials Dressage.

Jessica and Oscar.


Protexin Gut Lix Review

Oscar has to have a lick of some kind, his stable isn't complete without and the flavour of this month is the apple Gut Lix by Protexin.

For those unaware, Protexin are a company who believe nature is an ideal source of effective healthcare solutions to benefit both humans and animals and work closely with leading Universities, hospitals and research centres worldwide from their home here in the United Kingdom. A company always looking to improve their products without compromising their natural basis the Gut Lix is the latest release in the Equine Premium range.

The Protexin Gut Lix is a highly palatable apple flavoured lick containing essential minerals, vital to a healthy horse or ponies diet with the addition of the purest salt from Cheshire and their magic ingredients, Preplex prebiotics. These support and nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gut - you can read more about the science here - and containing no sugar or molasses you can offer without the risk of unnecessary weight gain, making the Gut Lix ideal for all year round use and especially during the hotter, Summer months.

Oscar's Gut Lix is placed into a shallow tub and fed from the floor in his stable with free access, he has had it almost three weeks now and apart from the teeth marks caused when he tried to eat whole at first he soon understood and now goes straight to it after eating his evening feed by habit.

A real benefit to Oscar is that the Gut Lix encourages salivation, something hugely important to me when stabled overnight to help to maintain a healthy gut and at £8.99 for a heavy 2kg lick, I think it will replace Oscar's previous essential of Himilayan salt licks thanks to the science and education from Protexin.

Jessica and Oscar.


The Orscana Sensor by Arioneo Review

How do you decide which rug...?

  • Lick your finger and waft it in the air?
  • Ask yourself how you feel, then take into account how many layers you have on...1, 2, 3....7, 8...
  • Check behind your horses ears?
  • Meticulously study the Met Office app on your phone, cross referencing it to the BBC's? Cursing the 4g signal if it fails to update!
  • The quizzing of fellow liveries..."what rug are you going for...?"
  • And...can he stay in his turnout? Maybe I'll just take the neck down...

Recongnise yourself as any of the above? Me too, I've been all of them and although the Orscana by Arioneo will not take away these equestrian behaviours, it will offer useful insights to validate your choices and educate, enabling you to anticipate the right solution.

Arioneo are experts at linking technology systems to horses and the Orscana is an intelligent sensor that provides all horse owners with the ability to better understand our gee gee's needs. Years of research has gone into identifying the thermal comfort zone across all equine breeds and where best to place the sensor for accurate data. The Orscana detects four levels of equine movement, lying down, standing calmly, active and agitated. Each detection was validated by rigorous testing, including video and statistical analysis.

Insanely curious I received my Orscana on the 2nd March and have seriously put it through it's paces exposing it to numerous situations in varying conditions, here are my thoughts...

For general day to day use the Orscana gave me a sense of comfort and relief, because Oscar is a native breed I would always rather him be too cool than too warm, but not to the extent he would look rough, dull or cold in his coat, it's a balancing act and one the Orscana confirmed I had right 90% of the time! This did however make me stop and think...what if Oscar was on full livery, in a busy or professional yard where some horses are not necessarily known inside and out? Is it going to be cold tonight, therefore does one rug weight suit all? Just like humans some of us feel the weather more than others, the expression 'killing with kindness' is severe but is good way to explain and has highlighted the benefit of modern rugs that offer differing fills around the body and useful layering systems, an investment I am going to make ahead of next Winter.

Also after exercise studies have evidenced there is a higher risk of respiratory disease if the correct rugs are not used at the right time, this is because when a rug is applied immediately after exercise the sweat levels rise and the body temperature decreases. The Orscana monitors both temperature and humidity levels enabling you to know exactly the right time to change out of a simple cooler and into your travel/stable/turnout rug, really useful when at an event or after fitness work to stay in excellent health.

Which leads me onto travelling...does your horse travel warm, cool or as per normal? My answer, erm...well, Oscar always travels quietly, never arrives sweaty, I lightly rug and always open all four windows and his roof vent, whatever the weather, I think probably warm?

The answer:
Oscar travels cool

I have travelled six times using my Orscana, twelve trailer journeys in total, each time Oscar's temperature and humidity level dropped. This surprised me because he often shakes with excitement at even the sound of the trailer being hitched up and by habit I ditch a layer or reduce the fill of his rug, something I am now reconsidering. To compete most of us aren't fortunate enough to have a big venue on our doorstep and travelling long distances can be inevitable, Orscana gives us a real opportunity to ensure our equines travel well and arrive in tip top condition ready to perform at their best. What is right for the 5am start may not be by 9am...? 

There were no variations to the above findings when travelling to and from the vets which was hugely reassuring. After the visit, mid-March Oscar had to be stabled for 24 hours due to a treatment he had and I found the data to be of great comfort, seeing he had laid down, remained calm and at a regular temperature. Therefore for equines on box rest the Orscana would establish distress triggers, measure the success of boredom breakers or monitor risks of colic etc..

To me the above helps understand the secret life of our horses, how often do they lay down at night, in the day, is this consistent, is any behaviour out of character, any midnight distress signals? Does your horse box walk or anticipate a competitive event because you plaited up the night before, is this lack of rest affecting their performance, if so I know I'd sacrifice the extra hour in bed to plait up in the morning. Then there are stay away shows, how well are they really coping with the environment?

I think you can gather I am rather taken with my Orscana and certain I have only scratched the surface of the equine health benefits it can bring...

“This is a brilliant device. Given today’s climate, and the artificial environments we subject our horses to, it’s difficult for both professionals and amateurs alike to select the appropriate rug for each individual horse. To be able to monitor your horse remotely is fantastic and will undoubtedly result in healthier and more comfortable horses. It’s other ‘live’ data is also helpful for checking how much rest your horse is getting when you are not in the stable and we know that can be critical for optimum performance.”

Richard Davison, 

Four-time Olympian and former World Class Dressage Performance Manager

To receive an update you have to be within 30 meters of your horse, at first I was a little disappointed but soon realised Arioneo have done this for our sanity! The right choice for five hours of the day, might not suit for the final two but we can only endeavor to do our best and grabbing your handbag, escaping from work to change rugs in a rush isn't ideal. Neither is texting the yard manager every hour, therefore I ate my words and in hindsight I don't want a 'live' feed of data.
I know that Arioneo's next release of their app will allow the sharing of data from the Orscana sensor between devices for the benefit of yard staff, friends, family when you're not around.

On two occasions the Orscana app has failed to update, both times this has been because the sensor has switched off, possibly when I have handled the sensor, changing from rug to rug or Oscar laying on it? The battery has a life of 6 months and costs less than £3 to replace, the set up is simple with easy to follow step by step instructions. 

Knowledge is power, anything that can improve health, wellbeing and performance of our equines is an excellent investment and in my opinion well worth the £90 price tag, I believe this is the future of our horse care, no more guessing.

Jessica and Oscar.


Keeping Up With The Unicorns - LeMieux Tail Tidy

I am often asked how I keep Oscar so dazzlingly clean? The answer is rather boring, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and there is definitely no quick fix the night before a show with a grey...keeping on top of it is key!

The LeMieux Tail Tidy bag helps me to do exactly that. Made from a waterproof fabric with a drawstring closure, you simply plait the tail, pop it in the bag and neatly fold over, securing with the velcro through the plait. This maintains a neat tail and can be used when stabled, turned out, or travelling in the battle against stains.

Oscar has tried and tested the LeMieux Tail Tidy bag in all of these situations, it has always stayed in place and protected his tail. It isn't something I use all of the time because I like Oscar to be very much a horse, pinning his ears back and swishing his gorgeous tail evilly at his friends is one of his favourite past times therefore wouldn't wish to take it away, but the night before a show, or during a busy week, it's an invaluable piece of protection and at only £9.95, would be silly not to own one.

Jessica and Oscar


Likit Starter Kit Review

When I first bought Oscar home, he ate his feed then licked his bowl and the slices of chopped apple and carrot clean...does he not like fruit and veg I pondered? Never one to be deterred I continued to ‘dangle the carrot’ so to speak. Eventually he understood and it’s fair to say he hasn’t looked back since, therefore when Haynet asked whether Oscar and I would like to try the Likit Starter Kit, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more…

The Likit Starter Kit is fabulously packaged in a fun and colourful box complete with animated instructions on how to un-wrap the Likit’s, piece together, hang in the stable from the rope provided and includes the following;
1.       x1 Likit Holder
2.       x3 Likit’s apple, cherry and carrot
3.       x1 bag of mint and eucalyptus Likit Snaks
4.     x1 bag of apple and cinnamon Likit Snaks

Because of Oscar’s native breeding and natural tendency to be a good-doer I am always conscious of the sugar content in his diet and the recent removal of his back shoes has only heightened my awareness. On the other hand I also understand that horses have evolved as herbivores, eating grass and other pasture plants that are naturally high in sugar, meaning sugar is a normal component of a horse’s diet and not something to be dismissed. With this knowledge in mind I delved into researching the Likit brand…

Firstly I congratulate Likit for making no secret of the sugar content in their product range, openly sharing recommended daily allowances on their website, plus for those completely adverse to sugar providing a range of salt, sport (electrolyte) and ice (Himalayan Rock salt) Likit’s.

Likit offer low, medium, high and high+ products in their unique Challenge System range that bring wellbeing benefits to the stabled horse by promoting licking, chewing, mimicking grazing behaviour, diverting attention away from stable vices and relieving boredom. This enriches the environment and the Likit Starter Kit is the perfect introduction, graded as low level.

My Likit Starter Kit arrived last Saturday and Monday welcomed the start of a very wet week. This saw Oscar stabled without turnout offering the perfect opportunity to test my Likit…I chose to try Apple first!

The Likit Holder was simple to put together and the plastic around the Apple Likit easy to remove. As per the instructions I assessed the structure of Oscar’s stable, grabbed a mounting block and hung the rope around one of the rafters before clipping the Likit Holder on. If you don’t have a beam to hang it from Likit recommend baler twine/rope hung across a corner of the stable to create a beam and hang the Likit from the middle. The benefit being the Likit moves making the reward a boredom busting challenge.

Proud of my handy work I waited…it was a tentative start and I had to unclip the Likit and place it under Oscar’s nose for him to get the idea. He soon realised how tasty it was and stood quietly playing, biting, licking, twisting and swinging the Likit as I skipped out, groomed and changed rugs.
Since my Likit has been out twice a day as I do my yard chores, successfully diverting Oscar’s attention from being stabled and feeling like a real treat. Something he twitches his nose with joy at when he sees coming.

I wish I would have realised the boredom busting benefits of Likit’s Challenge System before now because there is a definite place for them in the life of a stabled horse, be it overnight, due to bad weather or box rest. I am already planning to buy a banana refill once my Starter Kit has ran out and I think this is the start of a colourful collection.

I’d love a Likit Snak-A-Ball – challenge level medium - to fill with the delicious heart shaped Likit Snaks that were included in the Likit Starter Kit. Oscar loves these super cute munchies.

Jessica and Oscar
Written on behalf of Haynet as a Cream Of The Crop Blogger


Equissentials Dressage Instagram Takeover

Gee Gee and Me are busting with excitement for Monday when Oscar and I take over the Equissentials Dressage Instragram account - @EquissentialsDressage #ggandmelovesED

I am a loyal customer to Equissentials Dressage, a business created by two aspiring dressage riders Hayley and Nic, both are forever stylish and have a passion for equestrian fashion, meaning it was a huge compliment to be offered the opportunity to represent their brand for the day.

This week I have featured my favourite pieces from their current collection on Gee Gee and Me's Facebook page;
Imperial Riding Dressage Tendon Boots
Hauke Schmit's A Touch Of Magic Gloves
Rider By Horse Sea Blue Pad & Bandages from S/S 2017
Kingsland...everything, but if I had to pick, which my bank account says I do, 
the Sudbury Sweater and Rider Tights

With a promise to only stock products the founders believe in, that they've tried and tested on their own precious gee gee's and a guarantee to bring you the absolute best, you can't go far wrong shopping with Equissentials Dressage.

Don't miss out on Monday, I promise to banish any back to work blues.
Follow @GeeGeeandMe and @EquissentialsDressage - everything modeled by Oscar and I on Monday is already part of our wardrobe and has not been gifted, supplied or discounted by Equissentials Dressage for the event, we are true advocates of the products featured. I will always state if otherwise.

Jessica and Oscar


Never Underestimate The Basics...LeMieux Fleece Headband

Never underestimate the basics...I am rarely without headgear at the yard and an ear-warmer style headband is my favoured choice...unless it's wet, then my bobble hat wins. My hair rivals Rapunzel's and being rained on equals a tangled mess.

To me the benefits of an head band ear-warmer are...

  1. My hair can be tied up on top of my head, safely out of the way of, not horses zips. I have the empathy of every girl who has ever had long hair here)
  2. No flat hat hair, surely I suffer my fair share of that from my riding helmet
  3. My head doesn't get sweaty
  4. When I wear my head-torch without one the imprint from it doesn't fade from my forehead until midday - not my desired look whilst in an office at work

Made from super soft polar fleece the LeMieux Headband is extremely comfortable, keeps your ears and head warm and snug and can also be worn under your hat, at £9.95 you need one, click here to get yours.

Thank you for reading
Jessica and Oscar


Equisafety Charlotte Dujardin Arret Waistcoat Review

My horse is my best friend, I plan my life around him and more often than not his needs come before mine, like most equestrians I sacrifice holidays, hair and make up and would happily go without if it mean Oscar not having to.

Because of this why would I not want to take every precaution possible to be safe and seen when riding out? Whether it allows the driver of a vehicle an early heads up that we are on the horizon, alerts a farmer working in a field with loud machinery of our presence...or offering a dog walker enough time to recall their canine before our paths cross, I feel the benefits far outweigh any negatives and I hope you would all agree too.

Equisafety would be my go to brand for hi-visibility attire and I am honored to have been sent an Arret Waistcoat from their stylish Charlotte Dujardin range to put to the test...

The Arret Waistcoat is made from a lightweight breathable, waterproof fabric and has a useful two way front zip, two hidden side pockets - essential for iPhone safety - two open back vents and a beautifully soft lining. An intuitive design, the waistcoat stands out with sparkling silver hi-visibility stripes and Charlotte Dujardin's trademark initials on both the front and back. The shape is feminine creating an elegant silhouette, a far cry from the baggy vests that historically made up our hi-visibility wardrobe that in 2017 are far more suited to a building site than equestrianism!

Available in pink, red and yellow and sizes XS-XXL.
I cautiously ordered a size up and wear a generous Medium because I wanted to wear all year around over anything from a summer vest top to a puffy winter coat without feeling restricted.

The Charlotte Dujardin Equisafety Collection is the most stylish hi-visibility range I have ever seen and although at a higher cost than your average 'vest' - the Arret Waistcoat is priced at £49.99 - it's a fabulous piece of technical clothing that will never go out of fashion and can be worn year after year, if you enjoy looking smart on a your steed it will be a very worthy investment.

I can't wait for many more adventures wearing mine...staying safe, being seen.

Thank you for reading,
Jessica and Oscar